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Deo Whistler is focused on leveraging innovation to develop mobile and web solutions in 12 key sectors within Africa. The members of Deo Whistler are converging their experience and network to make this happen.

Our sectors have been carefully chosen based on our team’s capability and research that demonstrates the service gaps where most value can be added.

Our key driver is Service. All our Innovations will be driven by a continuous desire to serve Africans.

Dotun Adeoye started Deo Whistler in 2007 with a view to grow an indigenous company that will become a digital innovation leader on the continent of Africa.


  • To be the leading company providing service led digital transformative innovation in Africa.
  • To be a catalyst for continuous improvement in the lives of Africans.
  • To create technology solutions that will enable freedom across Africa.
  • To be a transparent, digital giant, worthy of emulation.


Dotun Adeoye

Chief Innovation Officer

Dotun Adeoye is a serial entrepreneur, mobile and digital product expert and an inspirational leader. He started out in business as a teenager, winning the first ever “Best Young Entrepreneur in Nigeria” award.

His vision for Deo Whistler is enabling technology to provide access for the most important services needed to live a quality life.

Dotun is a Cambridge, Wharton and Harvard alumni.

Seun Ogunleye

Business Strategy & Architecture Director

Seun Ogunleye is a commercially focused and Ivy League MBA-educated IT Consultant with proven delivery credentials in maximising technology return on investment across multiple multi-million pound projects and programmes.

Seun has significant experience in gathering and interpreting business requirements and matching them to appropriate technology solutions; aided by his deep understanding of key developments and trends within the ICT industry.

Alexey Gusev

Chief Technology Officer

Alexey Gusev is an experienced hands-on CTO whose ‘can-do’ attitude towards solving complex problems continually results in commercial success. He has a broad range of skills combining in-depth technical expertise, team leading and management, and is a passionate advocate of the pragmatic, results-driven approach.

Alexey’s career has seen him hold many Senior positions at NCR, Symbian, Nokia and Touchnote.

Jim McLaughlin

Portfolio Commercial Director

Jim McLaughlin was the former international sales and marketing director for the Financial Times. Jim has a broad experience in senior Sales and Marketing positions in the UK and worldwide. Jim has worked at senior level developing and delivering strategic programmes for blue chip companies and successful start-ups across some 50 countries and is fluent in six European languages.

He is a registered growth accelerator coach with extensive experience in training and mentoring. In recent years he has successfully created and managed delivery of a range of business development programmes for dozens of companies, principally in technology, financial, healthcare and professional services markets through a team of seasoned professional associates



End-to-End mobile and web app for 47 Sub-Sahara African countries. We aim to deploy this to health seekers, vendors, practitioners and institutions.

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Digital solutions to develop the capacity of Africans. We will help localise global education resources.

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Information Services

The focus will be to help present information on the African continent in a more organised format.

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Intra-Africa Business Platform

We will develop a solution that will enable more business between African countries.

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We will provide niche entertainment services and events for Africans in Africa and Africans in the diaspora.

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The focus is to develop digital solutions that will lift the sector. We will leverage on our global resources.

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Our media service is aimed at showing the true picture of Africa, told by Africans.

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Youth Development

We desire to empower young Africans by exposing them to a plethora of development programmes.

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Africa Focused Leadership Mentoring & Development

We are going to work with the next generation of African Leaders by educating them on the issues within Africa and helping to develop an Afrocentric Leadership Community.

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Business Development

We aim to develop technology enabled solutions that will tackle business stifling issues in Africa.

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IT Enabled Revenue Generation

We will leverage technology for revenue generation and payment processing.

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Financial Services

We will develop financial solutions to tackle peculiar issues across Sub Saharan Africa.

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